How to analyze user session replay

  • Created : Oct, 18, 2019
  • Last Updated : Oct, 03, 2023

Analysis of a session can be done properly only with the right approaches.

1. Set goals for watching recordings

Defining goals for watching replay session is what you will get as the outcomes after analyzing it. So, how do you determine your goals? Data from google analytics will give you an underlying context for user session analysis. Thus, equipping Google analytics will let you know of the vital details of the users.

Forex-  You will know the completion of your set out goals. Still, you want to know why users leave the site. Why they didn’t make a purchase. Therefore you can increase ROI and boost sales. Thus you can easily analyze replay sessions with google analytics.

2. Use filters to segment your sessions

Once you have defined your goals. You can manage the volume of your recordings. You can segment the videos with the help of filter feature. It saves your time to narrow down the videos which come within the scope of analysis. You can easily categorize the sessions on the basis of device type, browser, durations, and locations. You can segment the session on the basis of different criteria.

  1. Filter the videos of the users who landed on the pages.
  2. Filter the videos of the users who exited the site on the pages.
3. Speed of the recordings

Analyzing session recordings require you to evaluate each action and movement of the user. If you speed up the session replays, you might miss out on important aspects of user activity. While slowing the session will be quite daunting. So, make sure the speed is not too fast.

4. Search for patterns

Recognize the general patterns that emerge in web session recording videos.

  1. Are you noticing that most visitors click on dead areas of the page ?
  2. Are you noticing that a segment of visitors clicks on a particular link on a page and then comes back to the previous page ?
  3. Are you noticing that some of the visitors are filling forms incorrectly ?

Search for patterns


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