How to use user session replay

  • Created : Oct, 18, 2019
  • Last Updated : May, 31, 2023


A marketer can now track a user’s activity on its website. It allows him to engage the user further so that he turns into a customer. Also, analyzing a user’s actions help a marketer in deriving new strategies to improvise their sales and revenues.

What is a user session replay

Session replay is an efficacious tool to capture user’s interactions on a website. It encapsulates a user’s activity such as mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, and typing.

Watching a user session replay resembles watching a video reproduction of user’s activity on your website. It is also known as Session playback and session recording.

How user session replay helps in understanding user behaviour

Replays are an effective tool to gain insight into how users behave on your website. Let’s have a look at how the tool helps you in understanding your users :

1. Show empathy to the users

Experience what your users are going through as they browse through your website. Analyze where your visitors are getting stuck. You can actually spot out, what is persuading them to convert.

2. Know the user's interaction with site elements

Session replays enable an overview of how users are interacting with the key elements of your site. They allow you to view the sections on which users are diverting most of their attention. Also, you can know the ignorant sections or most clickable sections.

user's interaction

3. Discover bugs and issues

Improve your website by knowing the intricacies of user’s activity. It proves to be the most effective way to improve your website. Users might be facing technical as well as informational obstacles. Look out for both external and internal issues and fix them to avoid trouble.

4. Find out why people are leaving your site

Retain people on your website.  Watch session replays from users who might be leaving your site abruptly. Watch out for their behavioral patterns. Know where the actual problem lies. Did the visitor missed an important link or encountered a bug.

How to use user session replay

Session recordings show you everything a user visualize in his browser :

1. Record mouse movement, clicks and scrolls

You can watch the minute details of each user session. It will display the mouse movements, clicks, and scrolls in real-time. The tool enables you to view movements in red lines. So, you can easily spot out the issues. Also, you have the option to slow down the video to look into each issue minutely.

mouse movement

2. Replay scrolls and taps on mobile

Session replay works well on mobile devices. Scrollings and taps can be easily captured through user replay sessions.

Replay scrolls and taps on mobile

3. Multiple page views

In case a user is navigating to a new page. The session will be recorded as a whole. It will enable you to view the video playback of a user journey across multiple stages without any obstruction.

User session replay allows you to watch individual visitor’s performed activity on your site from start till end. You can get useful insights about a visitor and optimize your web pages using the analysis results.